How To Make an Impression on a VC Firm

December 6, 2016

Sean Sheppard, Founder of GrowthX and Huffington Post Contributor, joins Entrepreneur Hour to discuss how early stage entrepreneurs can start building to attract the interest of a VC Firm.


Sean has successfully grown dozens of early stage companies across a wide variety of products and markets, As founding partner, he currently leads market development strategy for the GrowthX portfolio of companies.

A leader in strategic revenue planning and execution, he makes growth the Number One priority. Providing highly effective, long-term go-to-market strategies, Sean creates product demand and boosts revenue. He defines sales channels, identifies markets and aligns functional teams to support and compliment overall corporate strategies.

His broad experience in all facets of product validation, marketing, sales and commercialization instills confidence and ensures a level-headed yet innovative approach to growth.

Episode Synopsis

Sean tells us about his incredible journey as an entrepreneur and how that lead to him becoming an investor and founding GrowthX.

We discuss when he usually gets involved with a startup in terms of traction and proof of concept as well as how GrowthX has taken a completely unique approach to the VC space.

Sean provides us with some notable examples of clients and provides our audience with some incredible insight as to what an investor is really looking for in terms of an investment opportunity.