How to Talk to Humans with Sean Sheppard: Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio

January 18, 2017

Renowned marketing expert Jon Miller speaks with GrowthX Academy founder Sean Sheppard on the intimate and crucial approach of account-based marketing (ABM). B2B is Business-to-Business, not Business-to-Lead. So, why would we keep marketing to individual leads? Jon will explain the fundamentals behind Account-Based Marketing, and why this crucial adoption will change the way you approach customers, the way customers respond to you, and your overall ROI and success metrics.

Jon Miller

About Jon Miller

Original co-founder of marketing automation’s leading tool, Marketo, and current co-founder of ABM platform Engagio, Jon has authored the popular books Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing; the Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Sales Development; and Marketo’s Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation. Jon was also named one of the 10 Most Influential Tech Marketers in the world in 2016. The evening promises a lively and learned discussion.

About Sean Sheppard

Hosted by Sean Sheppard, a five-time selling founder and a top influencer in sales and business development, How to Talk to Humans brings some of the most engaging and informed sales professionals to the mic. We also feature educators, authors, linguists and psychologists, all of whom share their insights and best practices on how we can genuinely connect with one another, creating meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships.